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Big Fat Awesome House Party

Throwing a big fat awesome house party is no easy task, especially when it comes to football parties because they already tend to be the best. To have an awesome party, you need to do something over the top, memorable and have really good food.

Photo Courtesy of l35l33

The burgers have to be juicy and full of flavor, the booze needs to be in endless supply and you have to have crunchy, not soggy, nachos loaded with cheese, jalapenos and maybe some bacon and chili.

You cannot stop here though; the games need to be entertaining, the décor all things football, particularly team related and the game viewing screen needs to be big.


This is a football party, so why do you need a theme? Too make thing more fun of course and what goes better with football than betting? A football party with a Vegas or gambling style theme would definitely add to the excitement and give the guests who are less interested in the game something to pass the time. You can set up a roulette wheel, poker table and a board for the football pool. Hire a cocktail waitress or two to pass out drinks and hors devours for an authentic feel and have non-monetary prizes on hand for game winners.

Another idea for a big fat awesome house party is to turn your home or yard into a football field or stadium and employ a referee, a couple of cheerleaders and a comedian/announcer so you and your friends can play your own game or just have more team spirit and additional side comments with a bit of humor.


All things football and pertaining to your team is a must but you can add a few more surprises just for fun. For one, you could use a glow in the dark marker to decorate white tees and have your friends wear them. During half time, turn on a black light and show off your creative t-shirt designs or funny comments, giving you and your friends ample ammunition to goof on each other and add input.

A big fat awesome house party should also have the most important decoration of all, which is a huge television. If everyone cannot see or hear the game, then some people are not enjoying the party.


Your football gathering is not going to make the list of a big fat awesome house party if your guests are strangers or cops. To keep your dwelling in half-decent order, only invite friends because a free-for-all means fights, stolen property and broken goods.

Also, if you do not want the cops showing up uninvited, get to know your neighbors, tell them about the party in advance or if you like, invite them. You might want to consider avoiding a big bash if you do not have a lot of property, live in an apartment building or do not get along with your neighbors, because cops and annoyed neighbors are not ingredients for an awesome party.


If you serve bad food or run out of food, people are going to talk about and remember your party, but not for the reasons you want. Football food is basic and you know what your friends like, so whether you make it or cater it, make sure it is enough. Bad food or a lack of snacks is a bad reason to ruin a party, as it is completely avoidable and unnecessary.

Having a big fat awesome house party is not hard if you are creative, know how to have fun and can avoid problems. Do not let guests drive home drunk because no party is awesome if it leads to someone getting hurt and do not serve alcohol to minors because jail time is also a buzz kill. You can have fun and still be responsible, which makes you and your party very cool.

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