Cardinals Football Team

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Cardinals Football Team


If you are a fan of the Arizona Cardinals football team, then you will know that the tailgating experience available at the University of Phoenix Stadium is definitely worth arriving as early as possible. The location of Phoenix out in the desert means that you are likely to get some of the warmest weather of any football team even during the coldest months. This means that it is possible to sit outside in true tailgating fashion without the need for heaters or many layers of clothing.

Official Tailgating Options

Bug Light Game Zone

The Cardinals are a fairly new franchise and as such, they are keen to make a good impression on visitors to the stadium. To this end, you can buy tickets to Cardinals football team official tailgating experience, which allows you to arrive with no car, food or plan and you still get a great party surrounded by other Cardinals fans. Live music is available including both local and national bands, and the atmosphere is easy going and friendly at the Bud Light Game Zone.

The Great Lawn

The other main official tailgating location is the Great Lawn. This is a designated tailgating space that you will not find anywhere else in the NFL. The Great Lawn is an eight-acre space near the University of Phoenix stadium that stretches for over 1,000 feet meaning that lots of space is available for tailgating. No tickets are required to enter, but the spaces run out quickly as you will find plenty of food and drink, as well as live music for up to four hours ahead of game time. The Cardinals do warn fans that want to use the Great Lawn that no power outlets are available, so you need your own generator or barbecue. Keep in mind the stadium bans charcoal grills and oil fryers.

You can tailgate in the designated parking lots but it is limited to the area directly in front and behind the vehicle. Parking spaces are only for vehicles and even with a hangtag for an adjacent parking spot, you cannot set up your tailgating activities in a parking space. Tailgating begins from the time the lots open and ends at opening kick off.

Tailgate of the Game

Photo courtesy of CEBImagery

The Cardinals football team recognizes those fans who go the extra mile with their tailgating party. The award is announced during the half-time entertainment and is awarded to the group of fans that demonstrate true Cardinals spirit through their decoration, food, or attitude towards the visiting fans. The winners have their name announced and their pictures flashed up on the big screen. They also win a small prize, generally consisting of Cardinals merchandise and entrance into the "Tailgater of the Year" contest.

Renting RVs

The Cardinals football team organization bans the use of RVs at undesignated parking lots as they take up a lot of room and reduce the number of parking spaces. The Cardinals security team does allow parking in designated areas but you must apply ahead of time for one of a small number of RV permits. Failing that, you can also rent an RV for the game.

Renting an RV will set you back a few hundred dollars depending on the size of the vehicle, but you can bring as many people as you want to share your party. You will still have to find somewhere to park your regular car, as the RVs are based in static locations. You will also need to bring everything that you need in terms of food, drink and music but the RV will allow you to cook and eat in comfort.

Final Thoughts

The newness of the Cardinals football team means that long-standing rivalries have not had time to develop. Overall, you will be met with curiosity and often invited to join in neighboring tailgating parties.

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