College Game Day

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College Game Day

Finding football tickets for a college game day can be much easier than for the big NFL games, making them a much better option for a tailgate party. The tickets tend to be much cheaper, and it’s easier to find somewhere to park before the game where you can lay out your food and drinks and really soak up the atmosphere. You’ll find the whole experience a lot easier if you can share the planning with a group of friends, with each person bringing something different to the party.

Basic Equipment

Notre Dame - Courtesy of: ajcgns photostream

The perfect tailgating experience is as much about the setup of the party as it as about the food and drink on college game day. The main thing to get right is the amount of seating, as it can be tiring to stand up for a long time in the cold weather. Foldup camping chairs are easily transported in the back of a car, and most coolers are tough enough to double up as seats.

You’ll also need to think about how people will eat their food and take their drinks. Most people choose to go for disposable dinnerware with plastic cutlery. This makes cleaning up at the end of the party a bit easier, but is more expensive than bringing crockery from home and is less environmentally friendly. It is something to consider sharing if you’ve got a lot of people coming to your college game day party.

The Next Steps

Once you’ve got the seating and eating planned out, it’s time to think about how to take your party from being a picnic in a parking lot to a true tailgating experience. A great tailgate party is one that can start several hours before the game, and people will feel like they want to continue when it’s game time. To do this, you need to be willing to invest some money on equipment to transform your college game day that includes:

  • Barbeques – The current range of tailgate barbeque can be almost as big as one that you would have in your yard at home. They are designed to sit on the tailgate of a truck, but work equally as well on the ground. The barbeques are split between those that are powered by your car’s electrical system and those that are fueled by a small portable gas tank. The electrical option is best if you have a large truck which is capable of generating large amounts of energy.

  • Radios – A car stereo will not be able to play the local sports radio loud enough for a large group of people to hear, so it may be worth investing in a tailgate radio so that you can catch up on all the pre-game news and gossip. Again, you have the choice of radios that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and wind-up or battery powered radio. The self-powered radios tend not to get as good signal as the plug-in variety, but they do tend to be cheaper to buy.

  • Set of games – Games are a great way to blow off a little competitive steam before the game starts and also help to keep younger fans occupied until it’s time to go into the stadium. Popular games include cornhole or horse shoes, but you can also get collapsible ping pong and beer pong tables that can also double as storage space for food and drinks when you’re not beating your friends.

Extravagant Purchases

If you’re willing to spend a lot of money on your college game day tailgate party, you can find companies that will sell you waterproof televisions to watch the pre-game on, solar panels to power your electrics and barbeque and a portable smoker to enrich the flavor of your meat. That is not to say, the simpler fun tailgate party is any less fun.

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