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Denver Broncos Game Day


When Denver Broncos game day rolls around, everybody in the Mile High City is a fan. You do not even have to be a football fanatic to get caught up in the excitement. If you enjoy good times, good food and good friends, you are ready for the party.

The Ritual of the Tailgate Party

Come game day, Denver fans join together in the parking lot with hundreds of highly individualized versions of the classic tailgate party. Your number one priority is the proper clothing. The party in the parking lot is one vast ocean of team colors, and you will want to display your team spirit with an authentic team jersey or ball cap. Do not forget your favorite giant-sized Broncos beverage cup.

When game time rolls around, no set etiquette or rules exists for watching the game. You can relax with your fellow fans, have some food, then head in to the stadium for the game. On the other hand, you might prefer to relax around the modern day chuck wagon and catch the game on a portable television.

Tips for a Successful Tailgater

On Denver Broncos game day, plan to get to the stadium three to four hours before the kickoff, as this will give you an edge in finding a premium parking space. If you cannot find a space next to a patch of grass, your next best alternative would be a space at the end of a row. This will give you extra room for other items you need such as:

  • If friends are joining you later, make it easier for them to find you with a high-flying flag, or even, a string of balloons featuring the team colors. You should be sure to bring your cell phone in case your friends need extra help to find your tailgate site.

  • Bring plenty of Broncos team goodies to decorate your tailgating party. Pennants, posters, tee shirts are all great ways to get that team spirit flowing.

  • Be sure to bring towels and washrags for clean ups.

  • Another important tip: do not forget to bring your own supply of toilet paper. Portable toilets are notorious for running out of this vital commodity.

  • Be prepared for any eventuality with basic first aid supplies.

  • Bring extra jackets and rain gear.

  • Be sure to bring ice.

  • Bring a football or Frisbee to throw around, ladder golf or football trivia to break up all the eating.

The Denver Broncos Game Day Menu

Photo courtesy of Greg69Sheryl

You might prefer to bring prepared food that you do not have to cook. Cold fried chicken, accompanied with potato and macaroni salads are a no muss way to go, as are submarine sandwiches with chips and dips.

On the other hand, if you enjoy outdoors cooking and do not mind hauling the grill with you, go for it. Besides the obvious hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks, you could cook up a pot of steaming chili to ward off the cold.

If you decide to cook, do as much prep work at home as possible. Make up the burger patties ahead of time and marinade your favorite cuts of meat in large plastic bags so they are ready to open and toss on the grill. Time your cooking so you can eat at least one hour before the coin toss, as you would not want any distractions like toiling over a hot grill to cause you to miss the play of the season.

Be sure to bring more food than you plan to eat for sharing with your tailgating neighbors. Part of the fun of Denver Broncos game day tailgating is meeting new friends, and what better way to do that than over a mouth-watering slab of barbeque ribs.

Plan Ahead and Enjoy the Game

Make as many of your preparations well ahead of time. Prepare a checklist of things to do and bring. When Denver Broncos game day rolls round, you will be able to relax and enjoy the game with friends, family and your fellow tailgaters.

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