Dolphins Football Team

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Dolphins Football Team


The tailgating experience provided by the Miami Dolphins football team has many things going in its favor. The mild nature of winter in Florida means that you are likely to find fans dressed in t-shirts rather than wrapped up in eight layers of clothing. The massive Hispanic influence in Miami also means that you will find a varied cuisine around the tailgate parties, including lots of grilled bananas and shrimp.

Around Sun Life Stadium

The Dolphins have always given their home the nickname of “the stadium with a thousand names” as it has had seven name changes in less than 30 years of use. However, for a downtown football stadium, the original builders obviously put a lot of thought into the fan experience. The parking lots have designated spaces for over 23,000 cars and a separate lot just for RVs on the west side of the stadium.

All of the lots have been designed to get Dolphins football team fans in and out of the lots as fast as possible so you will not caught in traffic at the end of the day. The great advantage is that it does not make much difference where you set up your tailgate since no parking lots are too far from the stadium is it not hard to get out after the game.

Tailgating Rules

Like just about every other stadium, the Dolphins football team has a series of set rules and regulations that govern what you can and cannot do at your tailgating party. The major rule that is strictly enforced is that your party must not exceed the 8' by 10' parking area that is clearly marked out. This is an effort by the Dolphins football team to make it clear to fans that they want them to tailgate but they need to have respect for their fellow fans. Other rules you need to make sure you follow closely are:

  • No trailers – You can get away with a trailer or towed grill at other stadiums, but the Dolphins have placed a blanket ban on these after too many accidents involving swinging or over turning trailers as cars tried to make sharp corners. It also shows courtesy as you will not exceed your designated parking space.

  • No kegs – The Dolphins are keen to make their game day experience a family friendly one, so while they have no problem with people having a couple of cold ones before a game, they see a keg as a sign that people want to get drunk. The security officers have the right to eject you from the parking lot, confiscate your ticket and keg, and issue you with a notice not to return.

  • One space per vehicle – This rule stops people parking across two or more spaces to save spots for their friends who have not yet arrived at the game. The Dolphins do not want to spoil your fun, but at the same time, they have an equal duty to every fan to help them enjoy the game. Their message is that if you want to party together, arrive together.
Photo courtesy of Mr. Usaji

The parking lots around Sun Life Stadium open four hours ahead of the game, and for the first hour, fans may choose their own parking spots. After that, you will find yourself being directed to spaces by traffic officers, so if you have a particular spot in mind, get to the stadium early, or purchase a parking ticket ahead of time, which gives you early access.

If you want to try to find a true Dolphins football team tailgate experience, try getting in touch with the Finatics, located in one of the parking lots close to the stadium. They are famous locally for their cooking ventures, including the Heart Attack Challenge, which got them onto the TV show Man vs. Food. They welcome Dolphins fans and visitors alike, but you will still need to bring your own food and drink to the party.

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