ESPN College Game Day

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ESPN College Game Day

Hosting a great ESPN College Game Day tailgate is all about getting the right balance between watching the show and having a good time watching the games that come afterwards. The program is a great mixture of banter, interviews, predictions and reports from around the country and all of these can give you ideas for your party. The question of balance comes from needing to have everyone quiet enough to listen to the TV and the natural chatter and discussions that happen at any get together.

Showing Home Support

The show itself is a massive part of the college football season and schools all over the country invite the traveling show to broadcast live from their home stadium. This can make a great theme for your ESPN College Game Day party even if you do not support either of the teams that are playing. To get your guests in the mood, you could:

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  • Assign each person a team – When you have a good idea of who is coming to your ESPN College Game Day tailgate party, send out your invitations telling them which team to support on the day. Award bonus points for creative outfits, interesting trivia and songs from their team.

  • Decorate like a local – For most of the season, the ESPN College Game Day is broadcast from a specific team’s stadium. You could use the location city or state to decorate. For example, if it gets to Florida you could decorate with oranges and alligators, while a visit to Houston means you could get out your cowboy gear.

  • Themed food – While you will always serve traditional tailgate favorites like chili, burgers and chips, you could put a little local twist, allowing your guests to show their support through their food choices. For example, add a little Cajun spice to your meals when Louisiana plays or make clam chowder to support Maine.

Predicting Games

One of the longest running features on the ESPN show is the final segment where Lee Corso and Kirk Heibreit make predictions for the games being played later on that day. It always culminates with Corso showing his choice for the game being played at the filmed location by putting on the head piece of the local mascot. While finding large mascot heads could be difficult, you could try the following prediction games to add a little spice to the coming games:

  • Money – Every sports fan likes to have a gamble every now and again and this is especially true when it is among friends at a tailgate party. You could ask people to pick winners throughout the day if the games are being played sequentially, or ask them to pick a winner for each day with the most correct answers picking the pot.

  • Forfeits – If you are not keen on having gambling in your house, you could introduce forfeits for making guesses. For example, you could get your guests to guess the time of the first touchdown and the person who is closest is exempt from a forfeit. You could also get pairs of people to pick a winner for each game, with the winner deciding the loser’s fate.

Using Your Space Wisely

Part of the fun of the ESPN college game day show is the banter and interviews. Inevitably this will get your guests talking which may disrupt those who are keen on the show. To get round this, you could split your party over two rooms. One room could have the game day show on while the other holds the food and drinks. You’ll find that people who want to talk about the games or the show will naturally migrate away from the TV over the course of the day until the actual game is about to begin.

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