Football Party Favors

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Football Party Favors

As a good game-day host, you should provide your guests with football party favors as they leave. You can choose from a variety of NFL, college, team, kid or adult items for guys and girls. The favor might be a simple goodie bag or one small but nice piece of football paraphernalia that coincides with the day’s theme.

Football Favors

"Football Memorabilia" Courtesy: rcscottjones

Professional sports party favors provide a wide variety of options, from cheap doodads to slightly more expensive theme items. The array of tiny, inexpensive favors is perfect for goodie bags and kids. You can choose from puzzles, football key chains, clackers, activity sheets, notepads, pencils and straws. Other small items include:

  • Miniature plastic football hats
  • Whistles
  • Bracelets
  • Tattoos
  • Soft mini football
  • Yo-yo
  • Mints

The list goes on and on as the sport’s popularity provides wholesale manufacturers with tons of ideas for favors and other goodies. Some of the ideas for bigger football party favors that manufacturers came up with are:

  • Football shaped hats
  • Yard drinking glass
  • Penalty flags
  • Air horn
  • Tin lunch boxes

Guests can enjoy these favors and use some of them for more functional purposes.

Game Favors

Some football party favors allow guests to go home and have fun after the party is over. Game favors cater to adults, kids or the entire family, and you can use them before, during or after the football season. Your guests might enjoy taking home the:

  • Beer pong paddle game
  • Quarterback bullseye toss
  • Pool game
  • Blitzed dice game

Other inexpensive favors, inflatable ring toss and the flick football game should continue to entertain your guests once they leave the party.

College Party Favors

Many of the items available as professional football party gifts are also available as college football party favors. However, you can also find different items that cater toward the school and the student.

For instance, a college football party might include favors such as a bandanna or lanyard. You could give out stickers or face tattoos featuring the school logo, mascot or letters.

Most college students would gladly accept beaded necklaces, decals, buttons, pens and cards, as well as a cowbell or stuffed animal wearing their team's gear. A referee vest, cheer phone, chocolate team lollipops, small gumball machines and spirit fingers also make good choices for college game party favors.


The football season starts before Halloween and ends after Christmas, so a few favors exist that combine football with the holidays. If you want to incorporate the holidays into your theme or if you have a football holiday party, consider these favors:

  • Football-shaped ornaments
  • Mini, plush Halloween footballs
  • Football player ornament
  • Team stocking
  • Team Santa hat
  • Light-up pumpkin with team mascot
  • Team nutcracker


Some favors do not fall into a particular category, but you may use them as favors for any football event at your discretion. For instance, you can give the beer mug candle as a favor to an adult college student at a football party or birthday party with a football theme.

Other various party favors include inflatable footballs, personalized stadium cups, flashing LED mugs, mini pennants, a foam “bad call brick” and custom buttons or stickers. Picture frames, personalized favor boxes, a football shaped CD case and air blasters provide you with even more options for game day party gifts.

When searching for football party favors, you do not have to spend a lot of time or be too creative since just about anything you want in regards to football favors already exists. The college teams have just as much, if not more, paraphernalia as the professional teams, so you can celebrate any game and give your guests a variety of favors.

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