Football Party Games

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Football Party Games

You have multiple choices of football party games to liven up any party, whether it is a tailgating or an indoor affair. The games can be a combination of outdoor and indoor activities with the only requirements being variety and lots of fun. It is a good idea to plan a few of the activities before the big game, during half time and afterwards to ensure that the fun does not stop.

Foogball Boggle

Courtesy of: Patrick Gage

For the cerebral football fans, a riveting game of football Boggle is a sure small-crowd pleaser. In addition to the regular Boggle rules, any football or game-related terms are worth double the points. The game can get a bit rowdy as players dispute whether some words can be considered elibible or not.

An Old Favorite

Football Charades: This variation of the popular charades game uses football related activities and words. Each team must guess the word within one or two minutes. A timekeeper and score keeper ensure that all goes according to the rules, which include:

  • Write down words such as beer, touchdown, toss, players' and coaches' names and any word related to the sport on strips of paper and placed them a container.
  • Partygoers form two teams and a coin toss determines who goes first.
  • Each player pulls a strip of paper from the container and acts out what is written on it while their team members guess at the message.
  • The opposing team plays after the playing team guesses the word correctly or if time runs out.
  • The winning team, of course, is the one with the most correct answers.

New Game Ideas

Super or Biggest Fan Challenge: With this one, the fun starts even before the partygoers get to the party locations. This is one of the football party games where you need to send out invitations early so that invitees can properly prepare. Guests should come dressed in anything that relates to the team of their choice, and this can be as silly as they want. In fact, the sillier the get-up, the better the chance they have to win a prize for best costume or number of team-related items included in their outfit. Other partygoers vote for winners by dropping ballots in a box or even vote by a show of hands.

Pop the Balloon: This one is played after the game is over, as the main prize will go to the person who popped the balloon with the winning score inside.

  • To play this game, blow up some balloons, preferably in the colors of the playing teams.
  • Write football-related things on strips of paper and place inside the balloons before tying them up. Things that can be written include ”the team that scored first,“ ”number of personal fouls“ and ”the MVP.“
  • Many variations can be added to make the game fun.

Even kids can get in on the action, as many football party games are just for them regardless of age group. Many children who have birthdays around football season love the idea of having a football-themed party to celebrate their special day. Some of the same games played by adults are suitable for kids as well, and a special area can be set up for kids so each group can have fun in its own way.


Football party games, whether for children or adults, should include prizes to help keep them interested, and they should be age appropriate. Bear in mind that prizes do not need to be expensive; in fact, silly items can help set the right tone for the party. Frequently suggested prizes include toy footballs, beer steins and football team posters.

If the time of day and space allow, most attendees will enjoy a round of touch football after the game. If you plan on having a game, make sure to tell attendees, so they can come dressed appropriately or bring playing clothes with them. Setting the stage for football party games calls for having the right football party supplies on hand to keep things lively. With the mood set, all that is left to do is hand out football party favors, serve the food and beer and enjoy.

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