Football Party Ideas

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Football Party Ideas

Fall means football, football means parties and coming up with new football party ideas is an annual frustration for many fans. It is easy to invite a few friends, make up a batch of chili and put a few beers in the fridge, but with a little thought and preparation you can put together a football party that will be more memorable than the game itself.


Courtesy of: The Facey Famiily

The first change to make is to send out themed invitations beforehand. Some online research will give you some templates to work from, or you can design your own from scratch. Either way, the theme of your invitation may inspire your football party ideas. You could have a simple design with the logos of the two competing teams in the background, to a more complex layout where the gridlines of a football field serve as the lines for the writing.

Dress Code

One of the best reasons to send out invitations ahead of time is that it means you can specify a dress code for your party. One of the simplest football party ideas to implement is get people to come in their favorite team’s uniform, regardless of whether their team is playing or not. You could also get people to dress in the colors of the teams that you’re going to be watching. For a bit of a challenge, ask people to come in fancy dress with a theme such as “things you’d find at a football game.”

Food and Drink

Typical football party food includes a lot of greasy finger foods with simple tastes, such as barbeque chicken wings and chili. These are also easy to make in large batches, so don’t be afraid to stick to your tried and tested recipes. Food for the traditional Thanksgiving Day game also could be used at other points throughout the year.

However, if you are looking for a change, try providing the basic ingredients, and your guests can mix and match them in whatever combination they want. Things such as burritos and pizzas still fit the greasy finger food category while allowing you to cater to different dietary requirements.

In terms of drinks, you have the right as the host to decide if you want your party to be alcoholic or not. Many people regard beer as a natural accompaniment to football, but you may want to impose a ban if you have young children or if you’re not comfortable with the idea of people drinking in your house. You should have a good selection of soft drinks available in either case, and if you do decide to have a dry party, try mixing up some alcohol free cocktails and smoothies as something different to drink.


The best football party ideas often occur when it comes to decorating your house for your guests. You could take the key colors of the teams that are playing as a color theme for your decorations, or pin jerseys and banners on the walls. If your guests are hardcore fans of one team, you could ask them to bring their favorite bit of memorabilia as part of the invitation. Finally, you can get hold of foam fingers, pennants and banners for your guests to hold and wave during the game.

Your football party ideas should be simple and cheap to implement, as you don’t want to spend all weekend getting ready for a party. However, if you’re looking for something a little more challenging, try combining your football theme with:

  • wine tasting party
  • New Years party
  • hot tub party

Each of these gives you a specific direction for your party. For example, you could try wines from where the teams come from, or use the hot tub as a chill out space pre- and post-game.

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