Football Party Recipe

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Football Party Recipe

Finding the right football party recipe can make the difference between success and failure of your event. The best recipes are ones that are easy to make in big batches and that don’t require a huge amount of thought to eat. You also need to find recipes that you can adapt to suit different spice tolerances as well as dietary preferences such as vegetarianism. Traditional recipes filling this requirement are split between those that your guests can put together themselves and those that make up a plated meal.

Do It Yourself Meals

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You will want to find a football party recipe where the guests can make their own version if you have a lot of different dietary requirements on your guest list. You will still need to make or buy all of the different options, but it takes the pressure off you as the host during the game itself as people will be able fix their own dinner. Popular easy to make meals include:

  • Tacos – Tacos are the ultimate party food, as they combine the simple flavors of Mexican food with being easy to eat in front of the TV. The preparation for them is simple, as you will just need to fry some beef, separate it and add chili powder to half for those who like spicy food. For a vegetarian option, you could fry bell pepper strips with diced onion and garlic. Serve alongside salsa, refried beans and cheese.
  • Salad – A traditional football party recipe tastes good because it is full of grease and fat. If you’re trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, you can put out lots of different salad options and get your guests to make their own. Start with a few different types of green leaves, and then cut up some other crunchy vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. You can still satisfy those who want an unhealthy fix by putting out salad dressings and bacon bits.
  • Wraps – Another good option if you are catering for vegetarians are wraps. You can put just about anything in a wrap, but the keys to a successful meal are the sauces you offer. Football is closely associated with barbeque and spicy flavors, so put some barbeque and hot sauce alongside mayonnaise and ketchup. Make sure that the main ingredients include a bit of crunch from lettuce or tomatoes.

Plated Meals

Making a large batch of a traditional football party recipe such as chili before a big game can be a timesaver in the long run. You can leave a Crock Pot or saucepan of warm food out and your guests will serve themselves when they get hungry. Surprise your guests by moving away from traditional recipes by trying out:

  • Lasagna – The layers of meat and cheese will satisfy the need for greasy food while being cheap enough to make in large quantities. Try adding layers of garlic-friend mushrooms or spinach mixed with ricotta for a bit of variety.
  • Soup – The world of soup is almost unlimited in its flavors and ingredients. Most will require a stock base, with other ingredients such as meat and vegetable to add some bulk. This makes it very cheap to make in large quantities. Try making two or three different varieties so that your guests can make a choice.

The golden rule when choosing a football party recipe is to look at how expensive it is to make it in large quantities. Watching football on the TV is a very social occasion, and you’ll be surprised at how much people snack while they watch the game. People will remember your event as a success if no one goes home feeling hungry.

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