Football Tailgate Recipes

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Football Tailgate Recipes

Football season cannot come around too quickly, but finding new football tailgate recipes can be difficult. All over the country, people will be turning to their tried and tested recipes for their tailgate party, and for some this is part of the ritual of watching a football game. However, with a bit of research, it’s not hard to find a new twist on an old recipe or to try out something completely new.

New Twists on Old Traditions

Everyone has their own take on traditional tailgate food for things like chicken wings, chili and potato salad. These can become boring after a few times out, but you can breathe new life into these recipes with just a few simple ingredients:

  • Chicken wings – The most common way to cook wings is to cover them in barbeque sauce and either broil them or put them on the grill. This gives you the sticky and sweet consistency that people have come to expect. Changing the barbeque sauce for an orange-based sauce will give your wings the same appearance but a startlingly different taste. You can also rub Cajun spices on them for a drier finish, or make a garlic and herb mix for dipping.

  • Chili – The standard chili football tailgate recipes vary little, with most combining beef, tomatoes, kidney beans and bell peppers with chili powder to make a thick sauce. For a subtle difference, try adding chorizo sausage to the mix or using pulled chicken or pork instead of beef. Other interesting changes are to use bigger beans, such as butter or cannellini, for a softer taste, and using fresh chilies with seeds for a spicier finish.

  • Potato salad – Potato salad is a popular tailgate recipe as it is simple to prepare and can be made in large quantities. However, just mixing potatoes and mayonnaise can be boring. Try adding some different spices, such as paprika or chili powder, to give your salad a little kick, or add some garlic for a deeper flavor. To bulk it out, add sliced boiled eggs and salad onions. Even better, add fresh, crisp bacon bits for a real treat.

Unusual Alternatives

If the thought of making the same football tailgate recipes again bores you to death, try branching out into some new dishes. Any food will do as long as it isn’t deemed too healthy, fills people up quickly and has fairly simple tastes. For example, you could try:

  • Burritos – These are not normally associated with football, but can be a great way of feeding a lot of people without too much in the way of preparation. Simply fry some beef, preferably mixed with some chili powder, add some salsa, refried beans and salad and lay it out for your guests to enjoy.

  • fondue
  • Fondue – Cheese has always been at the heart of most comfort foods, so making a big fondue will be a favorite among the football tailgate recipes. You can make it by melting cheddar cheese, but the best fondues incorporate some stronger cheeses such as Parmesan and Emmental. You should bake some French baguettes for your guests to dip, as well as carrot, celery and bell pepper sticks for a healthier option.

  • pizza
  • Make your own pizza – This is perfect for the “tailgate-at-home party”. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to pizza, so rather than trying to second-guess your guests, you could buy in some pizza bases, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. The guests then bring their own toppings and create their own pizza. Cover them with oregano and drizzle with olive oil for an authentic taste. You then bake them in the oven as you would do with a frozen store pizza.

It is important to remember that quantity is as important, if not more so, than quality with football tailgate recipes. You’ll need to make sure that you have more food than you possibly think your guests could eat, as well as non-spicy options if you’ve made chili or burritos, and vegetarian alternatives to any meat dishes.

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