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Game Day Snacks

Making the perfect game day snacks will make your tailgate party go even more smoothly. In some cases the right combination of snacks will remove the need for a main meal which cuts down on your preparation time and can be much easier to serve. The kind of snacks you’ll make will depend on whether you’re braving the elements at the stadium or watching the game from the comfort of your home.

Outdoor Tailgating Snacks

Photo courtesy of cuttlefish

Nothing beats the excitement of a tailgating party out in the lot of your team’s stadium, surrounded by thousands of other fans and the anticipation of the game to come. Providing good game day snacks outside can be tricky as everything will have to be eaten from your laps and unless you’ve got a flat bed truck, space can also be an issue. However, these game day snacks make life a bit easier:

  • Seven layer dip – Chips and dips will always make for a great game day treat as the chips come in big pass around bags and you can buy enough flavors to keep everyone happy. The dips are often the problem, as it means lots of tubs and pots that need to be passed around. A layer dip removes that problem as you can pile up your salsa, sour cream, guacamole and any other favorites in one bowl, saving your space and time.

  • Pita chips – The best outdoor tailgating snacks tend to be ones that you can make beforehand and can be served cold. If you like the challenge of making your own chips, try buying, or making, some pita breads. You then cut them into smaller strips, sprinkle with paprika and cilantro and bake in the oven till they’re crispy. Serve either with your layer dip or with homemade humus.

  • Small sandwiches – Large meat-filled subs can be expensive to make and even harder to eat. Instead, try making a sandwich into a snack by making square sandwiches from a loaf and cutting each into four smaller squares. This makes them bite size and again you can make enough different fillings to keep everyone happy.

Indoor Tailgating Snacks

Hosting your own indoor tailgate party takes away some of the party atmosphere of the stadium, but means that you’re safe and warm and not having to worry about serving your game day snacks. You can also think about serving a main meal to alongside some of the following snacks:

  • Chicken wings – For some reason, chicken wings and football game days have been linked for as long as anyone can remember. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re easy to eat or maybe it’s the fact that you can make them as spicy or as greasy as you like. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, try baking them in the oven without oil as the chicken’s natural juices will cook them for you.

  • Fried chickpeas – A great snack for football is one that you can just toss in your mouth without taking your eyes off the screen. While popcorn and crackerjack certainly fit this, coating some soaked chickpeas in paprika or chili powder and baking them until crisp is a different snack.

  • Skewers – Setting up a rolling grill station with a variety of skewers really makes use of your kitchen for your tailgating snacks. You could prepare your skewers ahead of time, or cut all the meat and vegetables to size ahead of time and allow your guests to make their own combinations.

A final word on game day snacks. Always make sure that you have more than enough food for your guests, and try to make sure that you’re aware of any dietary restrictions such as vegetarianism or gluten free.

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