Hot Tub Party

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Hot Tub Party

Hosting a tailgating hot tub party can sound pretty seedy, but it can actually be a great way to relax and unwind with your friends and family during a football game day. A hot tub can act like a spa when the water jets are turned on, and you can organize the party as part of a longer relaxing day. You will always have to make sure the tub is absolutely spotless before you fill it up, especially if you don’t have a cover over it to keep out animals and garden detritus.

Dress Code

The main reason why hosting a hot tub party can give you a bad reputation is that you’re setting up a situation where a lot of adults will be hot water in very close proximity to each other. You have to be very clear with your guests about what their expectations should be for the dress code. Most people will insist on their guests wearing some form of swimwear at a hot tub party. If you’re comfortable with nudity, feel free to invite your guests to ditch their swimsuits before jumping in the tub. To help preserve modesty, you could invite your guests to wear a football jersey or T-shirt at all times.


Hot tubs really come into their own in the winter months, when the chill in the air provides a great counterbalance to the heat of the water, and there’s something quite magical about sitting in hot water as snow is falling. You’ll need to decide whether you’re going to watch the game first and then soak or the other way round. Let your choice be dictated by the time of the game and the weather.

If you can, try to move the TV screen so your guests can watch the game from the tub. This may prove difficult, as hot tubs tend be circular, so your TV needs to be a fair distance from the tub so everyone can see. The other option is to find a radio that is broadcasting the game to play outside and those guests who want to watch the game can go inside.


Sitting in a hot tub for hours on end will dehydrate you as much as sitting in a sauna or out in the hot sun. Most people don’t notice the large amounts of sweat they produce because their skin is already wet from the tub. This dehydration can be made even worse by serving alcoholic drinks at your party. Alcohol also makes people less cautious around wet surfaces, so it’s usually better to have a dry party. Try serving alcohol-free cocktails, fruit juices and smoothies, all great alternatives that will taste cool and refreshing after the heat of the water.

Food to Serve

Your hot tub party guests will be wary of overeating during your hot tub event, as they will have the adage about waiting 30 minutes before swimming in their minds. While this may not directly apply to sitting in a hot tub, the heated water will raise everyone’s body temperature, which will make hot food seem unappealing. Your best recipes to try will be anything that has high water content, such as salads and fresh fruits. You should also provide snacking food like nachos or kebabs for the game to keep hunger at bay.

Finally, when you’re getting everything ready for your football hot tub party, make sure you provide towels and seating for those who want to take a break when they get too hot. Some people may use the halftime break to take a quick dip in the tub, so you may need multiple towels for each person to avoid having wet floors in the TV room.

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