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Limousine Party

A limousine party might not occur to you when you think of tailgating, but you can actually bring a limo to the football field and party in style. It makes sense when you think about it, since limos have plenty of room to accommodate you and your friends, while having enough trunk space to carry all of your supplies. You also have a driver to transport you around town, making it a safe way to enjoy the game and the atmosphere surrounding it.


Photo courtesy of joelogon

Your limousine service experience begins with the driver picking everyone up. Many different limo sizes exist, so you can make your decision based on the number of people you will bring to the game. The driver can either pick everyone up at their own homes or at a central location, depending on your personal preferences and how much time you have.

Since tailgating and alcohol go hand-in-hand, providing everyone with a safe ride to the game and home is extremely valuable. Nothing can turn a great day into a horrific one faster than an accident and a limousine party can help you avoid this tragic outcome.

At the Game

You might not see many limos at football games, but that does not make it a less appealing option. If you drive yourself to the game, you probably only have room for a couple of friends. If you have many friends attending, it means that multiple cars become necessary.

Since you have to pay for parking for each vehicle, this tailgating experience suddenly becomes very expensive. With a limousine party, however, you can fit up to 12 people in the limo at once, so you only have to pay for one parking spot. If you want an easy way to get everyone to the game together, this idea definitely makes sense.

In many cases, your limousine comes with a sound system, so you can listen to the pre-game show or listen to music. Since you want to enjoy the party, having these additional amenities makes the game that much more enjoyable.

The limo even comes with enough room to store your portable grill and seating for everyone, which many cars cannot handle. If you go to a tailgate party, you want to do it the right way and bringing a limo to the party ensures that you have everything that you need.


Many people associate limos with wealth or high society, but this is not necessarily the case. In fact, limos often end up as a more economical option, since everyone can travel together. You can usually find a great deal when you book a limo for the entire day, making it very affordable if everyone chips in for it.

Other fans might think that your limousine party does not belong in the tailgate area. This, however, is not true, as these fans have simply never tried it themselves. It does not mean that you want to show-up other fans, but rather than you want to travel together and truly enjoy yourselves.

Photo courtesy of didbygraham

Options for You

The type of limo that you choose depends largely on the size of your group. For a smaller group, a traditional limo that seats six will probably work well. For larger groups, you can get a super stretch limo that can accommodate about eight people comfortably or an SUV limo that can hold 12 people.

No matter which option you choose, your limousine party could end up stealing the show at the tailgate party. You will arrive to the field in style and keep that style going throughout the day. Booking a limousine for your next tailgate party could be the best game day decision you have ever made.

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