LSU Football Team

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LSU Football Team


Fans of the LSU football team, the Tigers, can sometimes feel overpowered by their noisy neighbors in New Orleans, but any visiting supporters will find some of the best college tailgating in the South. The local fans are very friendly and welcoming, while the atmosphere inside the stadium is fiercely partisan. As with all college teams, you will need to prepare your trip to Baton Rouge ahead of time to find the best tailgating spots.

Key Timings

A certain amount of tradition surrounds the build up to LSU football home games. While the ticket office opens around noon for evening games and the parking lots open at 4:30 p.m., you can still catch live student bands at 2.30 p.m. at the Tiger One Village next to the stadium. Located at the north end of Tiger Stadium, the Tiger One Village has numerous stages, concessions and stalls to get you in the party spirit.

On LSU football team game day, regardless of where you end up tailgating, you must go to Victory Hill, which is the local name given to North Stadium Drive. About 5:30 p.m., you will see the team on their way to the stadium for their pre-game preparations, as well as the marching band and the LSU football team mascot Mike the Tiger. You will then have an hour or so to tailgate before taking your seat for the field parades and Golden Band performances before kick off at 7:00 p.m.

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Tailgating Rules

As with most college sports, the LSU football team has a standard set of rules for tailgating in their parking lots, such as not saving spaces for people arriving later and not having open flames inside the parking lot. However, a few particular rules you must observe around Tiger Stadium:

  • No live music — If you want live music, you will have to make do with the marching bands as the LSU sports directors don’t want to disrupt anyone’s enjoyment of the day with music that they don’t like.

  • Get a permit — While no particular laws stop you from setting up a party for everyone to join, if you charge people for the food or drink that you are serving then you will need a catering permit for the day to access the university parking lots.

  • No political advertising — The University tries to avoid taking political sides, so the policy is that anything that alludes to support of either party must be taken down to avoid causing offence or tarnishing the university’s reputation.

  • Think about your power — While LSU will allow you to bring portable generators onsite they are actively discouraged. This is in part due to the noise and the smoke that they create and that they may cause a safety hazard if they break down.

  • Small tents — If you are planning to bring a tent or a portable gazebo to the game, make sure it measures less than 8 feet by 8 feet. While the security forces will not get their tape measure out, your tent cannot touch the lines of your parking spot and this rule is strictly enforced.

Tiger Athletic Foundation

If you are looking for an official tailgating experience at a LSU football team game, you will need to become a member of the Tiger Athletic Foundation. This simply requires you to donate to the school’s sports fund. In return, you get priority tickets to the TAF tailgate before each game.

Here you will find appearances by the LSU cheerleaders, Mike the Tiger and members of the team, as well as free beers and soft drinks. Food will cost you extra, but you will find lots of local cuisine like jambalaya and gumbo.

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