Michigan Wolverines Football Team

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Michigan Wolverines Football Team


Like most college sports, the Michigan Wolverines football team suffers from a very small number of parking spaces around the stadium compared with a massive number of fans who want to see the game. This means that tailgating options within touching distance of the stadium are rare unless you are alumni or you have won a parking permit in the pre-season ballot. Fortunately, Ann Arbor is a massive football town so thousands of privately own lots and spaces are available to pitch your party before the game starts.

Golf Courses

Ann Arbor is nationally famous for the sheer number and outstanding quality of its golf courses and you will find that is where a lot of the tailgating action happens. Some of the smaller courses will allow paying guests to party on the unused spaces of the golf course itself, but mainly the tailgating happens in the parking lots of the golf clubs.

You can get tickets to park at the UM Golf Course for around $25 for the day if you have a ticket to see the Michigan Wolverines football team. The gates open four hours before game time and shut two hours after the match finishes, so you will have plenty of time for your tailgate. The UM Golf Course directors allow fans to park on the grass edges of the course, but this does mean that the parking lot is only open if the weather is fine, so tune your radio to WAAM, WJR or WTKA which all carry local Ann Arbor weather and game parking information.

The main place to tailgate if you are happy walking a bit to see the Michigan Wolverines football team is the Ann Arbor Golf and Outing. This privately owned club will charge you around $30 for a day’s parking, with the lots opening for a noon kick off at 8 a.m. You will find hundreds of tailgaters here, including the Green Family Party, which welcomes fans from both teams as long as you have told them that you are coming ahead of time. As with all invite-only tailgates, they ask you to contribute something to the food or drink pot, and you will need to meet them at their rally point at 6.30 a.m. to make sure you all get a spot together.

RV Parking

Photo courtesy of missycaulk

Unlike most colleges, the Michigan Wolverines football team recognizes that many fans will travel long distances to get to their games in RVs. To encourage this, they have set up a specific overnight parking lot at Pioneer High School, which can be found on the corner of Main Street and Stadium Boulevard, less than a five-minute walk to Michigan Stadium. Tickets will cost you $105 per space and you will need to bring your own generators and toilet facilities. However, you can arrive at 5 p.m. the day before and tickets are sold on a strictly first come first served basis.

Street Party

Once you find your spot, you have a few hours ahead of game time to enjoy your party, meet some of the locals and get yourself geared up for the game. Do not make the mistake of walking directly to the stadium, however, as you will want to join the party at State and Hoover. You will meet thousands of Maize and Blue fans making the same walk and the atmosphere is electric with live music and strangers talking and chatting with each other.

The only other reason to leave your tailgate is to watch the Michigan Wolverines football team do their Victory Walk where the whole team walks down Stadium Boulevard three hours ahead of game time. This is your chance to high five them, watch the cheerleaders and cheer them on before returning to your party.

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