NASCAR Tailgating

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NASCAR Tailgating

If you like racing and want the full experience, consider attending a NASCAR tailgating event. You can go to the race early and even stay late if you are having enough fun, though many times, people stay all weekend. You can meet the racing stars, enjoy barbecues, spend time with your friends, make some new ones and of course, watch all the races like any devoted NASCAR fan.

Just make sure you bring enough gear for the length of time you are staying and if you do not already have some, consider purchasing a few NASCAR items so you blend in with the crowd.


Photo courtesy of Gerry Dincher

Whether you want to buy new items, add to your collection or update your old stuff, the NASCAR store has plenty of tailgating items from which you may choose. You can select from the small portable grill that looks like a keg because of its round lid, a branding iron or four-piece bbq set featuring select racers’ names and numbers. If you need somewhere to sit, opt for the portable bar stand with side bar and matching umbrella featuring your favorite racer’s information and creating a comfortable area to make drinks and socialize.

To avoid spending a lot of money, you can select from a variety of smaller items that are easier to transport and still show your loyalty. Among these NASCAR tailgating products are coolers, wheel covers for wheel chairs, sunglasses, drink ware, chairs, cushions and an I.D./credit card/money holder you can wear around your neck, tucked into your shirt of course. Banners, headsets, flags and scanners may also be found at the NASCAR store online, along with clothes and collectibles.

More than Racing

You can be a true fan or just a friend along for the ride but either way, many activities go on during a NASCAR racing weekend. You can meet the drivers at their trailers to obtain autographs, photos or various merchandise. The AllTell Zone not only gets you as close to the track as possible but it also provides entertainment, such as concerts, contests and games. If you choose, you may also fill out a form for a credit card just to get a free item, which features the NASCAR logo, racers or event-related expressions.


NASCAR tailgating can be a fun experience, but only if you do not get burned by buying expensive, over-priced items or fake tickets. If you plan to tailgate, buy your food and beverages far from the track, because once you get within the racing vicinity, everything becomes expensive. As for tickets, buy them by calling the track, and not from scalpers, brokers or websites because most of these are scams and you are likely to get fake tickets and be out a good amount of money.

Another tip you should know is to leave early to avoid the gridlock traffic and stay late. NASCAR tailgating and the race itself are huge events with a ton of people so avoiding traffic jams is one way to reduce stress and maximize the fun. You may also want to bring or buy a map of the venue to avoid getting lost and to ensure you park in the lot nearest to your seats. Lastly, make sure you and your group have cell phones and car chargers in case anyone gets lost or has an emergency.

Now that you have your gear, your inexpensive food, authentic tickets and know where to park, you can begin your NASCAR tailgating experience. So rev up your engines and go have a great weekend meeting new friends, barbecuing and of course, watching the races.

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