New Years Parties

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New Years Parties

The best tailgating New Years parties are ones with a fairly quiet atmosphere for all those sore heads caused by too much celebrating the night before. You’ll have your choice of several college bowl games to watch, and you could quite easily spend the whole day watching back-to-back games.


Courtesy of Spanner Dan

Part of the fun of football-focused New Years Day parties is the competition you generate for games where no one has a vested interest in who wins. As a host you can make the day more enjoyable by creating prediction and fantasy games for your guests to play. The large number of games means that you could get your guests to:

  • Predict the winner of each game – you can get your guests to segregate themselves for each game to cheer on their selected team. You can add a little spice to the competition by awarding a prize of some sort to the supporters of the winning team or a forfeit to the losers.

  • Call how many touchdowns will be scored – you could run this prediction game for each match or as a running total for the whole day, with the person who gets closest being declared the football master. You could also run books on the number of points, interceptions or fumbles.

  • Play fantasy football – at the start of each game, each of your guests picks a player’s name out of a hat. This player scores points by making successful plays, so you’ll only need the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers in the hat. The guest with the highest score at the end of the day wins.

Comfort Food

There will be a lot of sore heads and upset stomachs at New Years parties around the country. Your food selection has to combine dishes that will settle stomachs as well as being traditional football food. This means that spicy dishes such as chili are out of the picture. However, you might want to try:

  • Barbeque chicken wings – the sweet flavor of barbeque sauce can be both settling and comforting at the same time. The wings are also greasy enough to soak up a lot of alcohol, helping people to recover throughout the day.

  • Sandwiches – the ultimate in hangover food. You can make some up beforehand if you know the preferences of your guests. Otherwise you can just leave the ingredients out for people to make their own.

  • Kebabs – these can be a great way of meeting different dietary requirements as you can mix up red and white meat as well as making some completely meat-free skewers. Again, you can make and grill them ahead of time or leave out the ingredients and ask people to put together their favorite ones.

Staying Hydrated

Football and beer have always gone hand in hand. However, at New Years parties where people get together to watch the various bowls, alcohol is often the last thing on your guests’ minds. It will be important to have a steady supply of water available if your tap water isn’t drinkable. You should also have a range of fruit juices and smoothies on hand to replenish lost nutrients. If you do want to serve alcohol, it may be best to wait till the evening games before serving.

Football New Years parties should be fairly relaxed and informal affairs, meaning that you don’t have to organize much in advance. It also means that you can decide to call a party on the morning of the games and get everything that you need from your local supermarket. However, if you’re inviting a lot of people, it’s entirely acceptable to ask each person to bring some snacks or drinks to the party.

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