Oakland Raiders Football Team

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Oakland Raiders Football Team


The Oakland Raiders football team is known for their colorful fans dressed up in menacing costumes at the Coliseum in Oakland. Even though they look intimidating the fans respect spectators that come to tailgate at the stadium with their families. Known as the Raider Nation, they are very good at observing the Raiders Fan Code of Conduct. The west side of the stadium has a more family friendly atmosphere and the east side is geared for adults and hardcore fans.

Parking Information

The parking gates at the Oakland Raiders football team lots open five hours before the game starts giving you plenty of time to set up and start the festivities. The lots accommodate cars, RVs, limos and buses with plenty of parking for disabled guests. The price for a car is $35 plus $3 tax and $75 for RVs, buses and limos. The cashiers do not accept bills larger than $20.

You can tailgate on Lots A, B, C, D and OSV, the over size vehicle lots. If you want alcohol free tailgating you can park on the Northeast corner of D Lot. When you get your parking pass make sure you take care of it because you cannot get it replaced whether it is lost or stolen.

Parking and Tailgating Rules

The tailgating rules for the Oakland Raiders football team are strictly enforced and stadium security or Oakland City Police department will ask anyone failing to observe the rules to leave the lot. The following rules apply to tailgaters on the lot:

  • No overnight parking
  • Tailgate only in front or behind the vehicle
  • No D.J, amplified noise, or performance setups
  • Do not remove traffic barriers and dividers to place tents or other tailgating equipment
  • You cannot save or reserve parking spaces for any reason
  • You cannot bring portable restrooms or bathrooms
  • The Oakland Municipal Code does not allow glass containers and kegs in the parking lots

If it is your first time at the Oakland Coliseum you can get directions, rules and other information from the lot attendants or information booths.

Fan Code of Conduct

Photo courtesy of ChrisYunker

The Oakland Raiders football team has a code of conduct which makes it one of the most fan-friendly atmospheres in the National Football League. If you fail to follow these rules in the parking lot or the stadium you will have your ticket privileges revoked. The rules are in place to ensure the safety of all the fans during game day and only individual that may harm, threaten, endanger or cause distress to anyone will be asked to stop or be removed from the premises. You can pick up the rules of the fan code of conduct at information booths around the stadium.

Food and Games

During Oakland Raiders home games, fans across the country flood the stadium to enjoy different kinds of food before kickoff. The diverse group of people means you are going to see foods from every part of the country as well as international fans. Beside the regular grill fare of burgers and sausages you will see some exotic items such as:

  • Whole pigs
  • Oysters
  • Lobsters
  • Sushi

Other items that fans enjoy at Oakland Raiders football team games include pulled pork sandwiches, fajitas, chicken and turkey. Make sure you bring all the equipment, utensils, condiments and beverages because once you are in the lot you will not be able to leave and return.

No rules exist regarding what kind of food you can bring to a tailgate. The only thing you have to do is make sure you are able to cook and eat the food before you leave the parking lot.

When you play games in the lot be courteous to other tailgaters. Do not throw footballs, Frisbees or other items that might disrupt tailgating activities.

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