Oregon Ducks Football Team

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Oregon Ducks Football Team

If you are heading to Eugene, Oregon to watch the Oregon Ducks football team in action, you will want to check out their tailgating scene. You will be sure to find a party in most of the parking lots around Autzen Stadium and as long as you follow the rules and the code of conduct as enforced by the college directors, you will have a great day.

Tailgating Rules

As with most college teams, the Oregon Ducks is keen for fans to host their tailgate parties on campus property in designated parking lots around the stadium. However, as with most college teams, specific rules guide fans of the Oregon Ducks football team when they tailgate:

  • The Athletic Department checks all tents that measure more than 9 feet by 10 feet, before you set it up. This measure has two purposes, as it stops fans from erecting tents that will cover additional parking spaces and it stops people from setting up unofficial tailgating enterprises such as food stalls or selling merchandise.

  • Campus security, as well as your fellow tailgaters, will frown on any party that takes up more than one parking space as it reduces the number of fans who can park on site. Officials will ask you to shrink your party or to leave the campus immediately.

  • The usual restrictions on alcohol on the Eugene campus are relaxed to let fans of the Oregon Ducks football team enjoy themselves in the buildup to the game. However, once the game is finished, all alcohol must be put away and you can still be arrested for being disorderly on campus.

  • All vehicles, tents, or canopies must carry a fire extinguisher by the request of the Eugene Fire Department. Campus security do make checks on this throughout the day and if you don’t have one you run the risk of being ejected from campus. The extinguisher does not have to be bigger than a travel sized can, but you need it in case your fire gets out of control as the parking lot layouts make it hard for fire vehicles to get through quickly.

Code of ConDUCKt

Photo courtesy of Don Hankins

While the name may be a little corny, the Code of ConDUCKt is a relatively new initiative start by the Oregon Ducks football team in an effort to get fans to be more courteous and respectful throughout the game day.

The code requests all fans to show co-operation with game officials and to avoid using foul language when on campus. The team aims to make every game as family friendly as possible, so the enforcement of the Code of ConDUCKt forces the fans to think about what they are saying and how they are treating each other.

OU has made it a policy that each fan that enters the stadium is automatically signing up to the code, and officials can and will eject from the stadium anyone who violates it.

Sometimes it can be hard getting official help at your tailgate if your neighbors have become a little rowdy or aggressive. To help with this, the Oregon Ducks have the ConDUCKt hotline for each home game where fans can call or text any inappropriate behaviors that they see. Campus security and student volunteers respond to all calls and texts, and as with all emergency services, any prank callers are dealt with severely.

Official Tailgating

If partying in the parking lots does not sound like fun, you can always try to get tickets to the official Oregon Ducks tailgate. It is located within Autzen Stadium itself, and your $70 entrance tickets gets you a freshly cooked meal, two drinks tickets for use at the cash bar and live music provided by local Eugene bands. You can also find competitions for Oregon Ducks football team merchandise as well as flat screen TVs showing the pre-game interviews and analysis.

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