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Packers Game Day


The Green Bay Packers game day tailgating experience is among the best in all of the NFL. Part of this is due to the friendly nature of the Packers fans, part is due to the camaraderie that is brought about by the often-freezing conditions in the lot at Lambeau Field and part is the wide range of tailgating opportunities available. Whatever the reason, get yourself to the stadium three hours ahead of game time to soak up the party atmosphere.

Official Tailgating

Whether you get a better party that has official sponsors and organizers or one that the hardcore fans put together, the best of any Packers game day tailgating party is the atmosphere. If you are looking for the official experience, then your first call should be to the Tundra Tailgate Zone.

You have no need for a car, food or drinks or even cold weather clothes as party is held inside a massive tent. Around 1,000 fans will surround you and the best part is that you do not even need a Packers game day ticket to enter, as you can watch the whole game live on the big screens inside the tent. Live music, signed merchandise available for sale and free food and drink for VIP members create the party atmosphere. Tickets are free but claimed quickly, so you will need to reserve your place a few weeks ahead of time.

Organizing Your Own Tailgate

You can experience a more unique Packers game day experience, by mixing with the locals a little further away from the stadium. A certain number of the stadium parking lots are reserved for tailgating purposes, but they quickly sell out at the start of each season. Looking further afield in Green Bay, you will find great tailgating parties at:

  • K-Mart in Canterbury Park – You can still see the stadium from the K-Mart parking lot, which they open for tailgating for each home game Sunday for the exclusive use of Green Bay fans. The store, also, is open as normal so you can get your food and drinks, if you do not want to prepare them ahead of time. You can also buy specific game day portable, disposable barbecues, which are a great option if you are flying in for the game and renting a vehicle.

  • Kroll’s restaurant – While you will never find it listed in the game program, Kroll’s acts as the unofficial restaurant and bar of the Packers. Located directly across from southwest corner of the stadium, fans pack this restaurant from opening until closing on game days. You will find live music, good food and beer deals, but you should aim to get there as soon as possible as it only has a capacity for a couple of hundred fans.

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    Photo courtesy of granlairdjr
  • Ridge Road – Located on the west side of Lambeau Field, Ridge Road is normally a quiet residential street. On game days, however, a large number of families will rent out their driveways and parking spaces to fans looking for a quieter tailgating experience. You obviously cannot book ahead, so be prepared to trawl for spaces and do not be afraid to ask, if a particular driveway or parking space is available to rent.

As with any local events, do not even think about going to any of the above places if you are not a Green Bay fan. While the Packers game day experience has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming, the K-Mart, Kroll’s and Ridge Road spots are reserved by hardcore Green Bay fans who will not appreciate opposition supporters taking up space that a Packers fan could have used.

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