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Party Bus Rental

A party bus rental can eliminate many of the problems associated with tailgating because you will not have to drive anywhere afterwards. You can fit a large number of people in the bus on the way to the game and you can provide everyone with a safe ride home later. This idea definitely makes sense if you will be attending a game with a large group, as it is a safe and cost effective way to travel.

Before the Game

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When you have a party bus, you can have everyone meet you at a central location before the game. These individuals can have a loved one drop them off or take a taxi to the meeting place. This prevents the driver from having to travel around town to pick everyone up, while still preventing people from driving.

Once you have everyone picked up, you can truly enjoy your party bus rental. Depending on the bus that you rent, you might have things like a video and audio system, a bar and a restroom. All of these things come in handy during your tailgate party, since you can listen to music, watch the pre-game show and have a few drinks.


The reason why your party bus works so well for tailgating is that it provides enough room for your cooking equipment. If you drive your car to the game, you might have difficulty fitting your BBQ or anything else that you need. It really depends on what you drive, but many people cannot effectively tailgate because of their vehicles.

With a party bus rental, you can fit anything that you need into the vehicle, so you will not have to worry about transporting it. You should also keep in mind that you should bring your own seating for outside of the bus, since you will want to enjoy the entire tailgating experience.


Another great thing associated with a party bus is that you will have your own personal washroom. Most tailgating locations have portable restrooms, but they get dirty pretty quickly and could have lineups. When you bring a bus, however, you will likely have access to your own washroom, so you can keep wait times to a minimum.


If you end up at a game in the extreme cold, you might not want to sit outside of hours before kickoff. If you bring your own party bus, however, you can head inside if it gets too cold out, saving yourself from frostbite. If you attend a game in the extreme heat, you can take advantage of the bus’s air conditioning to cool everyone off before heading back outside.


While you can gain some of the benefits provided by a party bus if you own a motor home, you will be responsible for transporting yourself if you own the vehicle. A party bus rental comes with a driver, so that you do not have to worry about driving after a few drinks.

In addition, your motor home does not have seating for as many people. While you could probably cram a number of people into your vehicle, it is not a safe or legal way to travel.

Your Party Bus

You will have a number of different options when choosing a party bus, depending on the number of people attending the game and the type of bus that you need. If you do not need as many frills, you can easily find a less expensive party bus option than the buses with audio and video systems.

Look at all of your options before deciding on a party bus rental, including what people want to spend. In the end, you can make this an affordable tailgating trip if you assess the situation carefully.

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