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Party Entertainers

No tailgating or Super Bowl event is complete without party entertainers to add to the fun and keep you focused during half time. You can choose to have entertainment before, during, after or for the whole game, and you can enjoy multiple types of shows, depending on your budget and audience. For instance, get an impersonator of your favorite teams quarterback to keep the kids entertained while the adults enjoy team cheerleader impersonators.


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Your tailgate or Super Bowl party entertainment does not have to be a person, as you and your friends can just kick back, enjoy your favorite football games and maybe even teach them to the kids. The beanbag toss or corn hole is always fun and can keep guests occupied for a good hour. You can play the traditional way where a toss in the hole is three points, on the board is one point and 21 wins, make up your own rules or make it a drinking game.

Ladder ball is another option involving three balls tied to three pieces of rope and a three-step ladder, with each step worth different points. Each player must throw the ball at the ladder with the intent of getting the rope to wrap around a step in order to gain points. Typically, 21 points wins but you can play for as long as you want or just for fun.


If you want party entertainers and not just games, you have a few options when it comes to tailgating and Super Bowl festivities. You can hire a comedian to be the game announcer or have your own cheerleaders dressed in team colors. Having your team’s mascot present might boost morale or just add to the laughs while a singer could provide you with your own personal half time show. To keep things simple but add a little style, hire a bartender or waitstaff and set your area up like an all-you-can eat concession stand.


If your Super Bowl or tailgate party consists of kids and you need party entertainers to keep them busy while you enjoy the game, your options are plenty. Magicians, clowns, puppeteers, people dressed up as characters and a small petting zoo are all possibilities. If you want to stick with the football theme, hire a kid cook to teach them how to make the food for the party. Hiring a makeup artist to do team color or mascot face painting is another way to keep kids entertained during your football party or you could get a coach and referee so the kids can play their own, life-like professional game.

Team Spirit

You might also want party entertainers that are relevant to your team, such as a mechanical bull or rider if your favorite football stars are the Buffalo Bills or Dallas Cowboys. If you like the Green Bay Packers hire a chef that can make ten things with a big block of cheese or, if you have the money and like the Miami Dolphins, have your tailgate party at the aquarium to see a private dolphin show and maybe even go for a swim. Hiring guys on stilts to play a quarter of football could be entertaining for Giants fans while a Falcon that performs tricks could intrigue Atlanta fans.

Finding party entertainers for your tailgating or Super Bowl event is not a problem, though making the final decision might be a challenge. Hopefully these ideas are enough to get you started but get creative and make them your own so you and your guests can have more fun or just to help you stick within your budget.

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