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Party Theme Supplies

Football party theme supplies offer variety and versatility, so you can show your loyalty at home, from your car or at the stadium. Decorating for a football party boosts morale, brightens up the gloomy winter atmosphere, preps everyone for game time and is a great way to get the kids involved. You can find a wide array of supplies to mix and match online, at physical locations or from specialty shops full of sports paraphernalia.

At Home

Photo courtesy of Kid's Birthday Parties

Having a football party at home gives you the most decorating options because of the availability of space and of course none of nature’s elements. You can start by putting a football field runner and some randomly hanging whirls in your entryway, allowing your guests to walk the yards and pass through footballs as they come into your home. Cover the walls and tables with cutouts of players, referees, helmets and footballs and keep a nearby inflatable “Touch Down” inscribed cooler full of beer and soda.

If your party is at night, string some football or beer mug lights around the room or use luminary bags as centerpieces for the tables to maintain the sports-like ambiance. During half time, to keep the kids entertained or if the game is just slow, have some games set up to provide extra fun. You might consider the inflatable field goal post with ball, the referee punching bags and football toss.


Not all the party theme supplies appropriate for the home works as well at the stadium but that does not mean you cannot have fun or get creative. The inflatable coolers and games, as well as the lights, can come to a tailgating event but you might want more. To decorate your car, stick football cling ons to your windows or wrap a sign around it that reads “game day party zone.” You may also enjoy a “D” and a “fence” sign to hold up when showing support for your team.

Football balloons can easily tie around chairs, your car antennae or door handles, depending on your vehicle while football piñatas full of goodies could offer you and your friends a few seconds of testosterone relieving fun. If you do not mind dressing up, you can go tailgating as your team’s mascot, which is sure to entertain your friends and please fellow tailgaters.

Team Spirit

Party theme supplies that shows your team spirit is probably the simplest but best way to decorate for your game day event. Just by putting out plates, bowls, cups, napkins and a tablecloth with your team’s colors or logo is a morale booster and gets everyone in the zone for game time. You might also add balloons, give out keepsake cups or even send invites that show your team spirit. The inflatable finger, spirit bracelets or mints wrapped in team colors are small pieces of party theme supplies that add to the décor.

For fun, you might consider getting a blue cowbell if you like the Dallas Cowboys or a red cowbell if you like the Buffalo Bills. The air horn and hand clackers or clappers, whichever you prefer, are other good ways to make some noise and show your team some love when they score a touchdown or make a good defensive play.

Choosing party theme supplies is fun, easy and affordable, which means you can go football crazy if you so desire. Turn your tailgating vehicle into the unofficial team support cruiser or temporarily turn your home into a football haven. No matter what you do, just make sure to have fun, have enough food and drinks and make lots of noise.

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