Rams Football Team

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Rams Football Team


Any fan of the St Louis Rams football team will tell you that the biggest problem with picking up a team and moving it across the country is that most of the time the new city isn’t set up for having a major sports team. All the big teams have been in their own cities for decades as was the case for the LA football team, so the city had grown around the stadium putting in new parking and transportation.

In the case of St Louis, the large city could not easily accommodate the Edward Jones Dome down town, consequently the parking lots are disjointed by the road system. However, it is still possible to have a great tailgating experience if you know where to look.

Go Official

Many Rams football team fans will have their own favorite spots away from the stadium to host their own tailgates. The best advice to visiting fans is to either track down the closest lots early for a good atmosphere or to take advantage of the official Rams football team tailgate party.

Bud Light currently sponsors the party that happens in Baer Park across from the stadium. The big selling point is that the team uses this occasion to champion local music so you will always find live bands from St Louis. The big screens will show either highlights or full re-runs of the early games as well as showing the pre-game interviews and analysis, and you’ll be treated to discounted food and drinks.

A Family Affair

Kids are welcome and encouraged at the Edward Jones Dome and at the Bud Light Tailgate, where the Rams football team staff run an interactive corner with games, toys, and competitions to keep them entertained and involved. You can also sign your child up for one of the Rams Kids Club packages, which will give them, and you, access to the Rams Kids Tailgate Parties.

The parties happen within the stadium before each game, offering grilled food and popular tailgate games like the beanbag toss with other Rams. The partygoers may also get a chance to meet some of the Rams players, but these occasions will tend to be busy so arrive early if you can.

Eat Like a Local

Photo courtesy of Herkie

Each football team has its own food specialties that you will find at the tailgating parties around the parking lots and St Louis is no exception. A popular treat that is standard fare for tailgating here is toasted ravioli, a local delicacy. Breading ravioli and either grilling or baking is the recipe for this specialty, which you serve with marinara sauce. You really must taste this treat, especially if you have the chance to try authentic homemade toasted ravioli.

You will also notice a large amount of sauerkraut at the hot dog stands in the Edward Jones Stadium, which pays homage to the German population of St Louis. It is worth trying by itself, if you have never had it before, but be careful about mixing it with other condiments as you may ruin your hot dog.

Parking Up

The main drawback that faces tailgating with the Rams football team is the distance of the parking lots to the stadium. Only around 12,000 spaces are within a 10-minute walk and with the gates opening so early on game day with parking tickets costing upwards of $30, it can be hard to gain entrance. If you are determined to find your own spot, make sure you arrive early and aim for one of the parking lots around Broadway, as this is where the best parties happen.

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