Super Bowl Party Games

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Super Bowl Party Games

Watching the game is enough for some people, but others yearn to play Super Bowl party games. You can play games to entertain the kids, win a few dollars or simply liven up the party. Drinking games are also quite popular at Super Bowl parties but with them comes a lot of responsibility.

Friendly Wagers

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Nothing makes a football game more exciting than a friendly wager, as long as it is legal in your state. Super Bowl Sunday is well-known for gambling, so you can choose from many games, though “the grid” takes the top spot. To play, simply create a ten-by-ten grid on a piece of paper, let everyone write their name in the squares they want and then fill them in using the numbers from zero to nine. At the top of the grid, write the name of one team and on the side, write the name of the opponent. The numbers on the grid represent the last number in each team’s score, and at the end of each quarter, whoever has the box with the matching numbers, wins.

Have a Drink

Super Bowl party games usually include drinking games and these can get out of hand quickly. If you plan to drink at a Super Bowl party, do so responsibly and arrange to spend the night or get a ride home from a sober guest ahead of time. Once you fulfill your responsibility, try playing the “Keyword Drinking Game.” Prior to the game, the host should create a list of a dozen or so words they think people are going to say and give each word a drink value. For instance, every time someone says the word “touchdown,” the person has to consume two drinks.

Another drinking game, Pick a Player, helps to keep everyone’s attention on the game. To play, write the names of the first-string players on a piece of paper, fold them and let everyone pick a name. When your player is part of a play, you get to choose who drinks. If your player scores a touchdown, everyone except you has to drink. To be fair, you should omit the names of the quarterbacks because they always make a play. You can also play this game with non-alcoholic beverages, allowing kids, pregnant women and those who do not drink to play.

Family Fun

Among the Super Bowl party games, charades is a favorite and appropriate for all guests to play. Start by creating teams and ask each player to write football terms or names, such as Eli Manning, Detroit Lions or field goal. Each team writes the words for the opposing team, and you can play during time outs or commercials. To play, one player acts out the charade and their team has to guess the word.

Another of the fun family Super Bowl party games is football relay, which begins with choosing teams. Each team forms a single line and the first two players get teaspoons. Put two chairs a significant distance from the line and place small footballs on each chair. The object of the game is for the player to pick up the football using only the teaspoon and pass it to the next person on their team. The third person in line gets the spoon from the first player and so on until the game ends and one team wins. In the event the football drops, the player can pick it up with the spoon.

If you love football, you do not need to play games, but if you want some added entertainment, why not try a few of these entertaining ideas. After all, Super Bowl party games just add to the festivities and make your party enjoyable for everyone.

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