Super Bowl Party

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Super Bowl Party

Sometimes hosting a Super Bowl party takes a lot of work, depending on your attention to details, but it does not have to be stressful. In fact, planning Super Bowl parties should be almost as fun as game day. To create an unforgettable day, plan ahead, keep it simple and have plenty of food.

Types of Super Bowl Parties

Super Bowl parties tend to take place in a home or at a bar, but if your local stadium has the honor of hosting the big game, tailgating is definitely an option. Both parties require you to have food and beverages, but tailgating eliminates any potential mess in your home. However, a tailgating party can cost more because Super Bowl tickets come with high price tags, and you probably do not want to deal with the crowds and eat in a parking lot unless you actually have tickets.


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To plan your Super Bowl party, start with the guest list, because you need to know the number of people for whom you are cooking. The list is also important because it gives you a chance to consider which guests to invite and people to avoid, such as a rowdy drunk or a double-dipper. As a good host, you want to make sure you can comfortably accommodate the number of guests attending the game-day party.

Once you finalize the guest list, start planning the menu, because no party is good unless the food tastes great. Traditionally, football, as with most other sports, has the reputation of being a man’s game, and therefore a Super Bowl party is looked upon a man’s party. However, you should not think along these lines unless you happen to be a guy, having a party with only male friends.

Super Bowl parties often encompass men and women guests, and your food should cater to both genders. Just because your significant other wants bacon cheeseburgers does not mean you cannot incorporate a taco salad or vegetable dip tray for your other guests. Additionally, your menu should include items for any children attending with their parents.


Tailgating parties usually start three to four hours before the game begins, allowing you a chance to obtain a good parking spot and providing ample time to set up the food. For an at-home Super Bowl party, guests do not need to arrive this early, which gives you more time to prepare and decorate. You can ask guests to come an hour before the game starts, so you have time to talk, introduce people and let everyone settle into their seats.


Unlike a child’s birthday party, you do not have to go crazy with decorations, especially if your home team is not in the Super Bowl. You can do something simple like American colors for the tablecloth, napkins, paper dishes, cups and plastic utensils. Another idea is to dress up the food in team colors or make a football cake and use it as the centerpiece.

If possible, pick up small items that look like or represent the teams’ mascots, and place them on either side of the room or table. To make the party more fun, divide the room by decorating half for one team and half for the opponents, so guests can enjoy some friendly competition.

After all of your planning, your Super Bowl party just needs one more thing—fun!

Do not go crazy trying to make everything perfect, because no one is going to notice, so just relax and play some games before, during or after the party to wind things down a bit. Mail out the invites, pick out an NFL jersey, charge your camera and enjoy your party.

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