Tailgate Gas Grill

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Tailgate Gas Grill

Choosing a tailgate gas grill, as opposed to an electric one, offers you many options and conveniences. A large selection in a wide range of prices allows you to select the grill you want or need for your next tailgating event. You can opt for a small portable grill, a football-shaped firepit or a big, towable cooking machine.


Courtesy of Ted Kerwin

Compact grills are easy to carry, lightweight and, with modern designs, quite portable. One gas grill, with two wheels and two stable legs, folds down into the size of a small suitcase. This grill comes with a pull handle, so you do not have to carry it; you can just let it roll. As an added bonus, this grill requires no matches, so as long as you have propane, it lights.

Another type of compact tailgate gas grill, the tabletop design, has a carry handle that allows you to transport it with no difficulties. Some models cook your food in as little as 15 minutes, provided the food came out of the refrigerator, not the freezer. After the game, cleanup is quick and simple with a dishwasher-safe, removable grease trap.

Something Different

Most people buy a standard grill, since that is what stores sell, and make a decision based on price, function, size and, sometimes, appearance. However, some people shop around online and look for novelty or unusual items. One such tailgate gas grill comes in the shape and color of a football. The one-pound grill has legs that fold up when traveling and air vents to prevent food from overcooking.

If you have a pickup truck, you have the luxury of transporting a small but full-size grill in the shape of a pig or bull. Both grills have wheels, a grease system that drains easily, temperature control and autostart. These stylish cookers have high price tags, however, especially in comparison to the moderately priced football shaped grill.

Towable Cookers

If you tailgate often, travel with a big crowd or just love to make a statement, towable grills have your name written all over them. This type of tailgate gas grill has a high price tag, and you need a hitch and a pickup truck, SUV, van or travel trailer to tow it.

Stainless steel construction and six burners, each with its own control knob, mark the top of the line in towable grills. Beverage compartments and condiment storage keep drinks cold, eliminating the need for a cooler. Some models also have room to store cold dishes of food and other refrigerated items.

If you do not want to spend a few thousand dollars on a high-end tailgate grill, you can obtain a smaller towable cooker that has a unique look. One model comes with a hitch receiver that swings away from your vehicle so you do not scratch it or damage the paint from the heat. With this easy-to-use, convenient grill, you do not have to carry or pack anything extra. Once you arrive at your destination, simply park, swing the grill out, light it and start cooking.

The tailgate gas grill is important to the day’s events, so buying the right one makes a difference. You need a big grill with a lot of propane for a big crowd, but a small one works fine for a small group. After all, you do not want to run out of gas before you cook all the food; this could definitely ruin the day. Before you run out to buy your next grill, shop around, review your options and buy what makes you happy.

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