Tailgate Tables

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Tailgate Tables

When preparing to party before a football game, tailgate tables should be on your list of things to pack. To determine the length of the table, you must know how many people are to be seated at the table and if there needs to be enough room for serving dishes. By deciding your needs early, you can take the time to shop around for a stable, size-appropriate table.

Game Tables

Courtesy of Mousiekm

Among the types of tailgating tables from which you can choose are those ideal for playing games. You can use this type of table for food, but with the amount of fun it brings, it is unlikely.

One game table has eight feet of playing space, perfect for beer pong, ping-pong, flick-a-football and any other party games that come to mind. This table comes complete with the net and three sets of foldable legs for compact storage, easy traveling capability and strength. The affordable price tag for this table comes in at less than $100 dollars and, for a few extra bucks, you can purchase this table with your team's name, logo and colors.

Another fun game table transforms into a game of beanbag toss. You can buy two tables and play a game of cornhole or create your own version of ski ball. When you finish the game, you can seal the hole with its accompanying cap or use it as a cup holder for beer pong. The table comes with a carrying case, two cups, two caps and eight beanbags, four of which are white and four blue, as well as four leg caps for increased stability.

Complete With Seating

Some tailgate tables come complete with seating and look like a picnic table but fold up for easy storage and transportation. You have the option of choosing a plastic or aluminum table with or without cushioned bench seats as well as one with a faux wood design. These tables take up minimal space in the car and fold into one nice piece. However, if you prefer bench seats with no attachment, you can purchase a table and chair set. Each item folds individually and takes up more space but you can move the seats closer or farther from the table.

Table and Hitch

Today it seems you can hook anything up to a hitch and drive without worrying about trunk space, packing or carrying heavy items. Tailgate tables that attach to hitches simplify your tailgating experience and do not take up your limited space in the parking lot. You can choose a solid table, one that retracts, or two separate surfaces that branch out, allowing people to sit on either end of the truck. You might also use a side for your tabletop grill and put the food on the other tray so you do not have to bend and everything is in reach.

Purchasing Decision

When choosing your tailgate tables, try to pick one you can also use at home for other purposes. This saves you money and provides you with a multi-functional product. Look for tables with UV protection coatings made of steel, as this provides durability and stability, and pick a product resistant to stains, especially if the seats have cushions.

Anything that does not corrode or accumulate rust makes for a good purchase, as does something resistant to chipping, cracking or peeling. Tables offering all of these options tend to come with some type of warranty and if you plan to use it frequently, it is well worth the investment.

Tailgate tables help make your day more enjoyable, whether you use it to play games or just sit and eat instead of slouching in a folding chair or leaning over to avoid staining your clothes. The simple convenience of having this table makes a difference in your game day experience, so why not buy one?

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