Tailgating Gifts

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Tailgating Gifts

Football season is the time when the search for ideal tailgating gifts for fellow football and sporting fans goes into high gear. Of course, tailgating parties are no longer reserved for football season only; party lovers will have them for other sporting events such as baseball, basketball and soccer. In fact, almost any event is now a reason to have a tailgating party.

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When it comes to the gifts, the variety is unending, and some are more gender specific than others. The price is another attractive feature, as many of these items cost less than twenty dollars.

Ideal Tailgating Gifts

Sometimes, choosing the ideal item depends on knowing what friends like to do at these gatherings. Some people serve as the de facto chefs, and they will love the cooking, while others enjoy mixing drinks. Some popular items that are given in these situations include:

  • Backpack drink dispenser/drink belt/beer holster: Not only will this look cool and make you stand out as the alpha dog of the party, drink belts ensure that your drink is always close at hand. Best of all, these come in a variety of styles and colors, and they are affordable.

  • Beer bongs are a necessity at any beer consuming party.

  • Portable coolers keep drinks, beers and other foodstuff at the right temperature.

  • Portable gas grills ensure a steady supply of burgers, hot dogs and steak to feed hungry partygoers. Many now come with portable propane tanks so that getting food ready on time is never a problem.

  • Barbeque grill sets are popular, but additional items like charcoal and lighter fluid are essential to grilling.

  • Foldable chairs and tables are also a requirement, even if some of the partygoers would much rather stand or walk around while enjoying their meals. These are especially useful if kids are around, as they will need to sit down while eating. Some foldable tables attach to the open tailgate, which makes the experience even more fun for kids as they enjoy the action from their perch.

  • Giving t-shirts with the logo of their favorite team to males and females allows them to show their support and to get into the spirit of the event.

Of course, children are included as many people make these get-togethers a family affair. For the kids, tailgating gifts can include t-shirts, plush toys representing team mascots and balls with teams’ logos. Board games are also good gift ideas for kids who are attending tailgating parties, as it will keep them occupied for a while. Other gifts, while not appropriate for parties, are still good choices for youngsters, such as blankets with teams’ logos and colors or posters for bedroom walls.

When it comes to deciding on tailgating gifts, just remember that you cannot go wrong choosing from the array of tailgating party gear, supplies and favors. Anything that is needed for one of these before- or after-game gatherings can be given as gifts. In addition to the items listed above, other great choices are:

  • Thermoses
  • Aprons and chef jackets and hats
  • Beef jerky gift sets
  • Barbeque seasoning sets
  • Grilling utensils
  • Can and bottle openers
  • Foldable beer pong table and balls
  • Portable chargers for cell phones and video games

Tailgating gifts are appropriate presents any time of the year, which makes it so much easier to find the right present for someone's birthday or at Christmastime. When selecting presents for this purpose, it is always best to choose items that will be useful at a tailgating party. So the next time you are stuck trying to find the right gift, consider getting handy tailgating gear.

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