Tailgating Ideas

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Tailgating Ideas

You may think tailgating ideas are just for football or sports in general but this could not be further from the truth. Tailgating has become so significant in American culture and it is so much fun, people are doing it everywhere, from football games to weddings. The length of a tailgating event has also lengthened, as days sometimes turn into nights and nights into mornings, particularly at concert events.


Photo courtesy of Sam Howzit

Tailgating, by tradition, is a football event, but in today’s world, it is an opportunity for everyone to party and have a good time. Some of the new events at which tailgating has become popular include:

  • Major political functions
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Big retail store events
  • Horse Races
  • Beach Activities

These new tailgating ideas add fun to any event, provide everyone with an opportunity to experience this American tradition and give you a reason to get together and have fun.


Before you can go to any tailgating event, you first need to gather your gear. New tailgating ideas pertaining to gear might include keg bar stools for seating and a chicken wing rack to make the best Buffalo wings.

You may also want to bring the mobile tiki bar so you can mix all your adult beverages and maybe an Arnold Palmer for the kids and the tailgate couch that attaches to your hitch, providing extra seating and comfort for you and your companions.

Grills, coolers, team paraphernalia, a television mounted to a hitch and at least one vehicle with a good music system go without saying but a hotbag to keep food warm and a wearable beer pong towel are newer accessories to consider.


Beer pong is no longer a table game, as you can play it in the pool or by taking free throws. An inflatable raft with cup holders allows you to stay cool in the water while playing a tailgating classic or get a little exercise trying to out-maneuver the defense with beer cups strapped to a basketball backboard.

Tired of beer pong? Try booze luge, an ice mold with zigzags in it so you can pour in the cold liquor from one side and catch it with your mouth on the other. If this still does not interest you, put all the beer in the cruise cooler and let your friends try to catch you to get another drink. If you prefer not to drink, try a traditional game of corn hole or one of the new hits like pub washers and washeroos. Depending on your location and the event at which you are tailgating, you might just want to dance.


Playing all those games is sure to work up an appetite so why not consider some of these tailgating ideas to satisfy your hunger. Of course, you may use the almighty grill to barbecue burgers or hot dogs, but you could pack a picnic.

Fill a basket full of cold foods, such as hero sandwiches, macaroni or potato salad, bagels with butter, or good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly. Take some tuna sandwiches, complete with pickles and chips, fruit and cheese, vegetables with dip and some chocolate covered pretzels; better yet, bring a portable fire pit, melt some chocolate and make your own decadent deserts.

A variety of snacks and meal choices can keep everyone’s belly full, so you can focus on the important things, like the game, concert, wedding, or your friends.

Tailgating can be a lot of fun, especially if you take advantage of all the new ideas available and incorporate it into more of your entertainment venues. The list of tailgating ideas is endless, so have fun as you plan your next pre-event gathering.

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