Tailgating RV

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Tailgating RV

If you’ve never been tailgating RV-style before, you haven’t really tailgated at all. Using an RV for your tailgating party gives you all the positives of a normal tailgate, such as cooked food and somewhere to store your beer. It also removes a lot of the negatives, such as giving you shelter against bad weather and an impressive supply of electricity to help you run all sorts of gadgets to improve your tailgating experience.

Basic Accessories

Courtesy of JimmyWayne

Your basic RV will come equipped with a kitchen, toilet and cold storage space as standard, and while a tailgating RV as such is not on the market, some models are better suited to tailgating than others. You should look out for vehicles that come with the following useful accessories:

  • Awning – This is a piece of fabric that stretches out from the top of your tailgating RV for a few feet and is supported by foldaway metal poles. The simple version will just provide a roof over your head against strong sunshine and downwards rain, while the better awnings will come with side panels and fly screens to effectively create an extra room on the outside of your RV.

  • Outside plug – While your average RV generates enough electricity to run the inside lights and appliances for hours on end, you will still need a way of plugging in things to use outside. This is especially important if you’ve got a lot of guests, as you won’t all fit inside the RV, so an outside plug will allow you to hook up a TV or radio to get more of the pre-game experience.

  • Pullout storage – The traditional RV will have most of its storage located on the inside, but this can be a hassle, as you will have to keep going in and out to get more supplies. Try to find an RV that has pullout storage and shelving on the outside, as this helps to keep everything at hand.

Some RVs even have a built-in grill that pulls out from the underside of the vehicle, as well as a refrigerator and entertainment center.


Once you’ve got your tailgating RV basic accessories, you can start to think about how to take your party to the next level. The most popular upgrades include:

  • Portable barbeques – One of the benefits of having an RV is that the size of your barbeque is not constricted by the size of your car. You can still buy one that will sit comfortably on a picnic table, but you can also buy ones that will fold away and store inside the RV. You can buy barbeques that are powered by your RV’s electrical supply or ones that operate from a portable gas canister.

  • Built-in TV – You can buy portable TVs that will plug into your RV, but these will have to be small if you are storing them inside. However, newer RV models will allow you to install an HD flat-screen TV behind one of the side panels. You can then lift up the flap and enjoy the pre-game entertainment.

  • Games – While not necessarily an accessory available with your RV, a good selection of garden games will help to build up the friendly rivalry and keep younger tailgaters entertained. Popular games include bean bag throws, ping pong and horseshoes. Each of these comes in an RV-friendly version, meaning that all the parts fold away flat for easy storage.

If you don’t have the money to go out and buy a specific tailgating RV, you can still buy some of these accessories to upgrade your current model. The hardest things to get will be the awning and built-in TV, as these will require modifications of the whole RV, while the rest of them are all extras that can be stored somewhere on board.

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