Tailgating Supplies

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Tailgating Supplies

Prior to attending a football game, you should make a list of tailgating supplies to prepare for the day’s festivities. A checklist helps to ensure you have necessary items from food to utensils to toilet paper. This also proves useful while shopping, since you can avoid overspending by straying from the list and keeps you from forgetting ingredients or other necessities.

Setting Up

Courtesy of Mister naxal

Before you can even think about the food, you have to consider the setup. To pull off a good tailgating party successfully, your checklist needs to include specific items such as chairs, grilling tools, a portable grill, windscreen and maybe a small folding table.

You might also want to consider purchasing a small canopy or tent to block the sun and keep you dry in case it rains. If the game is at night, a lantern or flashlights should probably be on your list, and for cold winter days, pick up a heater, like the “campfire in a can,” or pack some blankets.

Purchasing a flagpole is a potentially good investment if you have a tailgater that tends to get lost or a first-timer not used to the layout of the stadium.


This may sound silly to some, but a big part of setting up at a tailgating event includes decorating to support your team. Some of the decorative tailgating gear you might want to consider include:

  • Rugs or mats
  • Inflatable logos or mascots
  • A football shaped cooler
  • Keg sleeve
  • Team trash can
  • Team flags or banners

Adding décor makes your space more comfortable and colorful and lets everyone else know the team you want to win.


The most important of all tailgating supplies is of course the food and drinks. You can bring anything you like, as long as you can cook it on the grill and keep it on ice. Preparing items in advance is a good idea, since you can wrap them in foil and heat them up on the grill using a metal basket. You might also be able to find a portable burner that works off a small tank of propane or an electric one to plug into a cigarette lighter with the use of a converter. In this case, you would need a small pot or pan to avoid a fire.

Popular tailgating foods include Buffalo wings, chili, pulled pork sandwiches, nachos and bacon cheeseburgers, as well as ribs, sausage and hero sandwiches. Football-shaped cakes and cookies provide tasty snacks, along with pretzels, chips and homemade dips.

The drink of choice is beer, but feel free to bring soda, Gatorade, water bottles and, if you have a pot to heat up the water, instant hot cocoa mix. When making your list of tailgating supplies, do not forget the condiments, dishes, cups or utensils.


Aside from all the fun stuff, you might want to add some other items to your checklist of tailgating supplies. You can choose to bring:

  • First aid kit
  • Rain gear
  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen or bug repellant
  • Tylenol or aspirin
  • Phone charger
  • Cash
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Hand or foot warmers

A cutting board, bottle opener, matches and lighter fluid may also come in handy at your tailgating party.

Your tailgating supplies checklist is likely to include many of these items, but you should think about adding items for your vehicle. In a crowded parking lot with many drunken individuals, inclement weather and tons of trash, anything can happen. Having a spare tire, jumper cables and some basic tools in your trunk may prevent you from calling AAA or getting stranded.

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