Tailgating Tent

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Tailgating Tent

A tailgating tent provides shade from the sun, blocks the cold winter wind, shields you from the rain and provides shelter if you sleep at the stadium the night before the event. You can find these tents in a variety of shapes, sizes, prices and colors, as well as some with team embellishments. Most tents fold easily and store compact, so transporting or fitting them into your car should not be an issue.


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A pop-up tent is one of the simplest to use because it requires no assembly, and its lighter weight makes carrying and packing effortless. Pop-ups come with pitched tops to prevent them from holding large amounts of snow or rain, thus avoiding rips. Sport models have slanted legs, allowing you to angle the tent by lowering one side and raising the other while adding stability.

Most models come in squares and start at a size of five feet by five feet, but twelve by twelve’s are also common. If you prefer something with a little more shape or coverage, consider hexagon or diamond tents.


The enclosed tent adds warmth in the winter weather and provides you and your friends with more privacy. You can enjoy these benefits without worrying about a fire, as these tents have flame-retardant properties. Bungee cords and stakes come with the enclosed tent, so you have the option of tying back the sides or holding them down against strong winds. White is the most popular color for enclosures, but some do come in red or blue, while waterproof polyester trumps screen sidings when it comes to material. Due to the enclosure, these tents weigh more than the regular pop-ups, as a ten by ten, on average, is 36 pounds.

Team Logos

What better way to show your loyalty than with a tailgating tent adorned with your team’s colors and logo. The different colors make you stand out, preventing friends from getting lost in the crowd. Some of the NFL team designs available on tents include:

  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Washington Redskins
  • Miami Dolphins
  • New York Giants
  • Detroit Lions
  • Green Bay Packers
  • Minnesota Vikings

Additionally, college football teams also appear on tailgating tents, so you can show your support for your local school or alma mater. Among these choices are:

  • Duke Blue Devils
  • Michigan State Spartans
  • Texas Longhorns
  • UCLA Bruins
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Iowa Hawkeyes
  • North Carolina State Wolfpack
  • Georgia Bulldogs

This school spirit is sure to encourage the team and boost the crowd’s energy.


It seems everything today comes with accessories, so why should a tailgating tent be any different? Some models might include accessories such as a carrying case, but most of these accessories require a separate purchase. One of the more important accessories you might consider purchasing is the anchor. Hook anchors work on a variety of terrains, including gravel, asphalt, soil or grass. They add stability and support to your tent, thereby reducing worries and giving you more time to enjoy the game.

A carry bag with wheels takes a lot of strain off your back and frees up your hands to carry other items in and out of the car. The prices range from moderate to slightly pricey, but if the bag has reinforced zippers and seams, it is worth the extra money.

Other accessories you might want to consider include a mister, heavy-duty sandbags, extra stakes and a storage bracket. Any of these can extend the life of your tailgating tent, saving you money in the long run and making your game-day experience more enjoyable.

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