Tailgating Trailers

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Tailgating Trailers

Tailgating trailers make the whole day more comfortable and convenient by providing plenty of storage room, and you do not have to carry as many items, such as a portable grill. Your event trailer might be a regular small travel trailer with all the comforts of home or a customized concession stand complete with a television and built-in cooking station.

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Going to a game with a trailer takes a lot of work away from you, minimizes the amount of stuff you need to pack and leaves you with plenty of extra trunk space.

Determining Your Needs

Trailers come in all sizes, so finding one perfect for your needs that can accommodate all of your travel companions is quite simple. If you only tailgate a few times a year, do not have a large group and do not need a ton of storage space, you can easily buy a smaller concession or travel trailer. Unless necessary, as in the case of the avid and always-traveling tailgater, you should avoid buying anything bigger than what you need. This helps to save money up front and on gasoline while minimizing the wear and tear on the vehicle towing the trailer.

Custom Options

Regardless of the type and size of trailer you buy, customizing is always an option. You can paint tailgating trailers in any color, though the likely option is team colors, and add the number of your favorite player, have jerseys airbrushed on, display a team roster or anything else to show your personality and team loyalty.

Adding a television or having a small but useful entertainment area built into the trailer is an option popular among tailgaters with trailers. You might consider buying an empty trailer similar to those used for moving and create the inside to meet your standards. Depending on the size, standalone or wall-mounted shelves, seats, benches, tables and a bunk bed are some options for cozying up tailgating trailers.

You may also add basic but important items such as lighting, a toilet, microwave and a mini-fridge. It is unlikely for a stadium parking lot to have electric hookups, so you probably have to run everything off large propane tanks or a generator. Clearly, these options can become quite expensive, but if you do not mind doing some work, just buy the parts and customize the trailer yourself or enlist a few friends to help.

Standard Features

Sometimes simple is best, especially if you do not want to deal with long-term maintenance and costs. In this case, buy a prebuilt trailer designed specifically for tailgating. Many companies specialize in manufacturing and designing tailgating trailers, so shopping around for a good price from someone you feel comfortable with should not be an issue. Most trailer companies have the same standard features, though the appearance, colors and style may differ. Among the common standard features are:

  • Aluminum wheels
  • Interior and exterior lights
  • Custom cabinets
  • Vinyl floor
  • Refrigerator under the counter
  • Laminated bar and countertops
  • Back door
  • Generator
  • Coat hooks
  • Satellite dome

Additionally, some trailer companies provide a flat-screen television, surround sound system, roof vent and crown molding as standard features. Of course, this depends on the size of the trailer and your budget.

Buying a tailgating trailer makes for a good investment, especially if you frequently attend games or want to avoid carrying heavy items, such as a popup canopy. It also makes packing for the games easier if you have items already in the trailer used specifically for game day, such as a frying pan, plastic dishes and paper towels. If you like tailgating but want many of the comforts of home, consider getting a trailer for this and all your party events.

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