Tailgating Vehicles

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Tailgating Vehicles

Most people will think of pickup trucks when they think of tailgating vehicles, but the truth is that just about any vehicle can serve as the central focus for a tailgate party. Many people will use their regular car and store picnic tables and camping chairs, but dedicated fans and tailgating enthusiasts will actively seek out vehicles that will add to their pre-game experience.

What Is Needed

"Unconventional" Courtesy of 46137

The focus will always be the atmosphere, so you need to have a vehicle that allows the most number of people to stand nearby. You also need a vehicle that gives you plenty of storage for food and drinks. In some cases, the main factor that decides which vehicle to take is how much electricity it can store without the engine running, as more and more appliances now run from a car’s cigarette lighter. Finally, you should look for a car that has a fold-down tailgate or trunk.

Flatbed Trucks

The main reason why pickup are considered the best tailgating vehicles is that the tailgates are strong enough to use as a table or a place to hold a barbeque. The bed of the truck is a natural storage place but can also serve as a seating area for a few people. Trucks do tend to generate a lot of electricity, but are notorious for needing a lot of gas just to turn on if the electricity does run out.

Sensible Alternatives

If you do not own a pickup, other suitable tailgating vehicles include:

  • Old-fashioned station wagon – You will need to go back a few decades to find a model that has a trunk that opens from the top. This extra door opens down to create a wide table space that is often bigger than that of a flatbed. The trunk space is usually big enough for a cooler, but the main drawback is that if it doesn’t have fold-down backseats then you’ll find it hard to store large amounts of food and drink.

  • Jeep Wagoneer – Unlike most of the old style SUVs, the Jeep Wagoneer has a dropping tailgate, which makes it one of the great tailgate vehicles. They are hard to find, and they rarely come cheaply due to the unique wood-panel design. The main drawback is that they use gas inefficiently and don’t store a huge amount of electricity while the engine is running.

  • RV – Some people might see using an RV or a tailgating trailer as cheating, as you’re taking away the romance of an outdoor kitchen and unusual seating arrangements. However, if you are tailgating at a football game, having a warm space in which to escape is heavenly. They produce a large amount of electricity, meaning that you can run a TV or radio pre-game so you can get more of the pre-match excitement.

Unconventional Vehicles

With a bit of research and patience, you can find some unique tailgating vehicles if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. School districts auction off old school buses, which can be converted to have storage space and TVs inside as well as a large amount of seating. The emergency services also get rid of ambulances when they are out of service. These vehicles give you a large amount of storage as well as generating adequate power for use when the engine is switched off. You can also find mechanics who will be able to change the siren to popular stadium cheers.

More About Vehilces for Tailgating

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