Thanksgiving Day Game

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Thanksgiving Day Game

Hosting a party for the Thanksgiving Day game is a great way of combining your love of football with the traditional family get-together. The games take place throughout the day, starting around noon and finishing close to midnight. This gives you a range of options about when and how to serve your food. You will also need to think about what to serve, as you may not have time for a big sit-down meal between the games.

Getting the Timing Right

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Some people cannot get too much football. While each game is only 60 minutes long in theory, all the stops and starts and commercial breaks make it last even longer. The pre- and post-game analysis can get tiring and repetitive after a while, so you need to pick the right Thanksgiving Day game for your family.

Timing is a no-brainer if your favorite team is playing, but if you and your guests have no special ties to any of the teams, think about the timing of your food instead. You could aim to eat lunch together and watch the final two games, but this does mean an early start to get the turkey ready. If you decide to only watch the last game and eat in the late afternoon, you may lose some guests who do want to spend the whole day. Talk to your guests beforehand to get an idea of their preferences.

In the Kitchen

Thanksgiving has always been about getting together with family and friends to share food and a good time, so your Thanksgiving Day game party shouldn’t be any different. You have to think about creative ways of combining the traditional Thanksgiving roast turkey dinner and the traditional football flavors of spice and salt. You could split the two and have a proper sit-down meal with all the usual Thanksgiving foods and then some finger food like chicken wings for in-game snacking.

However, trying to get everyone to step away from the Thanksgiving Day game for a sit-down meal will be difficult. Instead of trying to force your guests to sit down for a meal that they’d rather eat in front of the TV, try these recipes that are easy to eat while keeping a traditional Thanksgiving theme:

  • Thanksgiving wraps – Wraps are great to eat in front of the TV set and can be filled with just about any turkey-day foods. Use this to your advantage by providing plates of roast turkey breast, potato gratin, slices of ham and thin slices of either cabbage or carrots. Your sauces should be a thick gravy paste or cranberry sauce. You’ll be surprised at how similar a bite of a well made Thanksgiving wrap tastes to a plate of Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Turkey chili – It must be the cold weather outside that makes chili and football go so well together. Put a Thanksgiving spin by using pulled turkey instead of minced beef in your chili. The white meat gives you a very rich flavor and reacts well with fresh chilies for a spicy meal. You can add fresh cranberries to the mix for a real surprise. Try serving with mashed potato for the necessary carbs.

  • Thanksgiving pie – you can rarely go wrong with pie, and it’s an easy treat to enjoy while watching the game. Start with a simple short-crust pastry base, and layer slices of ham, roast turkey, fried potatoes, cranberry sauce and a green vegetable. Once the pie is full, pour gravy over the gaps and cover with puff pastry. Bake until golden and serve hot.

As with any football party, you should make sure that you have more than enough food for your Thanksgiving Day game event. The idea of Thanksgiving is to appreciate the plenty that we have, so serving enough food will help to remind your guests of the true meaning of the holiday.

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