Wine Tasting Parties

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Wine Tasting Parties

Wine tasting parties can be an excellent introduction to the world of wine, as well as being a good excuse to have a few drinks and some food with your female friends to watch the football game. You don’t necessarily have to know a lot about wine to host your own party, as you could ask each of your guests to do their own research on a bottle much like a book club. The evening gives you a great excuse to get away from the beer-drinking atmosphere of most football tailgating parties and give yourselves a little sophistication.

Send the Invitations


The best part of hosting wine tasting parties is getting to send out the invitations. These can be formal with calligraphy writing to highlight your sophistication or can simply bear a picture of grapes or a bottle of wine. You can also mix these up with football images or pictures of your favorite or cutest player. If you’re asking each person to recommend a bottle, include the instruction on the invitation that you would like them to bring a bottle that they can explain to the rest of your party.

Choosing the Wines

Getting the right selection of wines is an essential part of hosting successful wine tasting parties. Most wine tasting experts will recommend five as an absolute limit to avoid overloading your guests’ taste buds. You should also aim to stick with either all red, all white or all rose so that people can learn to taste the difference between them. For a bit of a challenge, try to find wines from the city or states of each team that is playing. You may have to move away from grape wines as you move away from the West Coast.

When you’re picking the wines, you also need to decide if you’re going to ask your guests to make notes and comparisons of the wines. If the answer is yes, you need to get some advice on wines that will have subtly different tastes so that your guests will be able to taste the difference.

If writing down different flavors and bouquets sounds too formal for you, then you don’t need to be too picky with the wines. You do need to make sure that you spend enough to ensure you’re drinking a reasonable quality of wine.

Preparing the Wines

A surprisingly large part of how a wine tastes is down to how warm or cold it is before you put it in front of your guests. White wines suffer if they are too cold as they lose their entire flavor, while red wines will become too acidic if they get too warm. As a general rule, white wines should be refrigerated for a few hours before serving, and you should aim for a temperature of around 40 degrees. Red wines should also be cooled before serving, but you should only serve them when you get to between 60 and 65 degrees.

Food Pairings

Drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea for many reasons, which is why you should offer your guests something to eat at your football wine tasting parties. A traditional accompaniment is cheese and crackers as a simple side dish, and you can add some dried meats like salami and some salad to make for a finger food buffet. This will go well with the football, as it’s hard to eat a sit-down meal in front of the TV.

At the end of the day, wine tasting parties should be fun, and combining them with a game of football removes some of the formality of the evening. You do need to make sure your guests know whether the focus of the evening is going to be football or the wine ahead of time, so that no one is frustrated by talking too much about wine or football.

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